USR8200 FTP disk problem

Adding an USB storage device to my USR8200 Router ended up with two errors.

  1. mount error
  2. disk full

Problem 1 mount error

The system log showed the following error even after formating the device using USR8200.

daemon.warn Failed to mount device
kern.warn EXT2-fs warning (device sd(8,1)): ext2_read_super: mounting ext3
filesystem as ext2

After trying to preformat the disk or memory stick using XP, Windows 2008 R2 or cleaning the disk with diskpart I finaly got the idea to preformat an USB stick using my QNAP NAS . And it worked.

So here what you have to do:

  1. Create a partition of the size you need using your PC
  2. attach the disk to your QNAP NAS if you have one.
  3. reformat the partition using ext3
  4. detach your disk and connect it to USR8200 (it shows up as linux)
  5. Reformat the disk using ext2 on your USR8200

Problem 2 Disk full

The system log showed the following error while I tried to upload a few test files. rg_system_full:

After looking closer at my FTP command line I recogniced the test folder I created was placed at the system root not within the new added disk subfolder. So i saved all files into the USR8200 it self and there is not a lot of space left.

So the problem is that like other “sealed” linux devices like some QNAP systems, USR8200 places your start position after a login by FTP straight at the root the device. This means, it i not usable for access by other people the your self.

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