Read and change Active Synch profile domain wide

To list or change Active Sync profiles from users in a forest use the following Powershell PS1 commands.
Run these lines in a Exchange 2010 PS1 box

# select the Forest as target
set-adServerSettings -viewEntireForest $true

# list user with default profile
get-user -resultsize Unlimited -filter "RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox'" | get-casmailbox | where {$_.ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -match 'Default'} | select PrimarySmtpAddress,ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy | export-csv c:\temp\currentProfile.txt

# Change user with default profile to existing NewProfile
# get-user -resultsize Unlimited -filter "RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox'" | get-casmailbox | where {$_.ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -match 'Default'} | set-casmailbox -ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy 'NewProfile'

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