SCOM 2012 Webconsole on IIS 8 shows unexpected error

I installed successful Systemcenter Operations Manager 2012 Webconsole on a Windows 2012 SP1 Server with IIS 8. The installation was done with https and CU3 was applied after the installation.


The Webgui ended in an “An unexpected error has occurred.” All tricks on the web did not help.


The IIS log showed the last command was /OperationsManager/Services/Logon.svc. The svc is a WCF Web Service and this was the Problem . An installation of IIS 8 with .net according to setup guides did not install the features for WFC Web Service . Bad that all requirement checks during installation showed Green . After activating the features and restarting IIS the GUI finally appeared.

What to do:

  • Open Features installation
  • Select .Net Framework 3.5 ….
  • Mark HTTP Activation for Installation
  • Open .Net Framework 4.5 …
  • Open WFC Services
  • Mark HTTP Activation for Installation

Install it and restart IIS 8.

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