SCOM Exchange Managment Pack Error ‘Count’


Scom error from Exchange 2010 Managementpack , can’t create System.PropertyBagData pointing to HotFixValidation.vbs

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\Health Service State\Monitoring Host Temporary Files 284\5106\HotFixValidation.vbs(117, 10) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Subscript out of range: ‘count’


The script is only checking explicit for version 6 agents and has no loop for newer agents. So variable hotfixVersion is not set for the following checks.

If (Left(OpsMgrVersion,3) = "6.0") Then
        hotfixVersion = SP1FileVersion
        kbLink = ""
ElseIf (Left(OpsMgrVersion,3) = "6.1") Then
        hotfixVersion = R2FileVersion
    kbLink = ""
End If 


If you have only V7 agents in use , disable the monitor as the newer agent should have the fixes included.

If you have older Agent Versions , try to manually edit the Management Pack and set hotfixVersion to = “6.1.7221.2” just below line : Const R2FileVersion = “6.1.7221.2”

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